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United States
A smaller night fury with some cool little tricks and secrets. I've lived this long and yet I've still barely scratched the surface of what life holds.

I'm a curious little thing who likes to say hi and cuddle.

If you have any questions or just wanna say hi, by all means, go ahead. ^^

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D9341 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Hey friend, what's up
ThatNightFury Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Oh gosh, a whole lot. Like, a whole lot.
For one, I finally got a real computer. A Lenovo ThinkPad laptop. It's a refurbished computer, but seeing as the only (relatively usable) computer I've had for the last two or three years was an iPod Touch, this is UNIVERSES better. So, with this comes all the stuff you might expect would happen to someone in my exact scenario: lots of gaming, lots of internet, lots of art stuffs, and so on and so forth.

Coincidentally, I just came back to DeviantArt at the time you're saying hi and I plan to revive my poor dead account. I'll be honest, though, I'm actually kinda apprehensive about doing so. I'm not quite sure why... I dunno, I'm just a little scared cuz I haven't been on in such a long time. Oh yeah, and there's the fact that a lot of drama went down here; and it's weird now, seeing the best friends I broke up with just hangin' out and doin' their thing like I never happened...
But it's okay. I'm now over the depression that was caused by that and I believe I'm ready to come back. Things won't be the same, but unlike previous attempts to truly come back and stay, I now know and have accepted that fact, so hopefully I won't be discouraged again.

Anyway, I was going to say a whole lot more, but I just now decided not to because, if my new plan to revive this account really works, you'll get to see all of it soon enough.
D9341 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Oh gosh, that is a lot. Sorry I took some time but I went on a trip and couldn't have my phone. (and I wasn't near a computer)  but I digress. Anyway, It's nice that you got an actual computer and it's nice to know that you'll be staying. I hope it all goes well
ThatNightFury Featured By Owner 1 day ago
It's okay. ^^

Just for a quick update, all has been going well so far. 
I'm very glad to be back. You guys are all awesome.
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D9341 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
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